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Demian is a singer/songwriter, author, activist and lifelong learner. She is the administrator and writer of Inclusive Homeschool and is currently working on a book about covert abuse.

More Than Warmth: a Quilt Project and World Culture Education

One of the more exciting places I’ve discovered on line that incorporates service, hands on projects and learning about other cultures:   From their website: More than Warmth is an educational project for students of all ages to learn … Continue reading

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Learning about other people’s cultures and perspectives is not only important but crucial in a world that is getting smaller day by day. But it’s hard to really hear what others have to say when everything goes through our filters, … Continue reading

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Awakening a long dormant blog…

So when I started this blog, my youngest was just entering her teen years. She’s now a breath away from leaving them behind. So much has happened during this time and though technically I’m done with home schooling (though I … Continue reading

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The Arts of the Islamic World – Smithsonian

One of my favorite ways to study history is through the arts. What better resource than the Smithsonian and their art exhibits? The Smithsonian Museum of Asian Arts provides a cornucopia of resources, including teacher’s guides and online tours. Today … Continue reading

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Lesson Plans for Spiderwick Chronicles

Here are some links to Spiderwick Chronicles lesson plans and worksheets. From the publisher, Simon and Schuster: Some nice suggestions for various projects you can pick and choose. I especially liked the one about making a faerie house from natural … Continue reading

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