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I *love* snow!

I *love* snow!

I’m Demian Yumei, singer/songwriter, author and activist.

I’m an older mom, having my first child when I turned 27, and now raising a teenager in my 60’s. That’s over 30 years home schooling!

I home schooled my first two in the late ’80’s and ’90’s. My son attended high school all four years. My oldest daughter attended two, before deciding she preferred home school. I started home schooling my youngest at the turn of this century straight through mid high school years. She’s currently finishing up her high school career pursuing a theatre major at a school for the arts.

My home school style, as everything else in my life, is multicultural and inclusive. It’s in line with my diverse cultural heritage — Chinese, Native American and Canadian French. It’s, also, a natural extension of my work as a human rights activist and artist. I lean very heavily toward creativity and alternative choices.

I believe in the human dignity of every person and celebrate the richness and beauty of diversity. There are so many more educational choices now than there were years ago when I first home schooled, so that’s good, but it can still be a challenge to navigate through too much information or questionable quality.

A lot of the educational resources for home schooling include a religious, specifically conservative Christian, viewpoint. That’s just not appropriate for the growing number of home school families who are looking for something more secular or more suitable to incorporate their own personal beliefs into the material and not have someone else’s handed to them.

I believe a well-rounded education includes ideas and perspectives that are different from our own.

As such, I will post reviews and list resources that are secular or cover a range of various religious and philosophical beliefs. I will highlight curricula that are inclusive in nature and/or explore different world views. As I have a very artistically inclined daughter, I’ll, also, include resources about learning styles and provide resources for the student artist. Many of the resources will be for older students, as those are often, harder to find.

And because I’m a writer and communicator, I will be sharing my ideas, views and experiences from my own path as a life long learner. I’m happy to share my journey with you. Hope it makes yours a bit easier.

Keeping Learning!
~ Demian Yumei
updated November 27, 2016

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