More Than Warmth: a Quilt Project and World Culture Education

One of the more exciting places I’ve discovered on line that incorporates service, hands on projects and learning about other cultures:

More than Warmth


From their website:

More than Warmth is an educational project for students of all ages to learn about world cultures. It fosters understanding, knowledge and compassion among cultures through nonviolent, nonpolitical, and nonreligious means.

Complete lesson plans in the form of a unit study for elementary ages up through high school covering Visual Arts, Social Studies, Language Arts and Math, resources needed, and names of videos. Education materials are suggested, that you can use as a starting off point for you, as well as instructions on how to make quilts addresses to where the quilts can be sent.

Not sure how current this information is, as the copyright on the website is from 2004 to 2008 and the newsletter is said to have been updated in 2011. However, the information and ideas are enough to start something similar in your family or better yet, a co-op.

If you believe in extending caring and compassion beyond your home and borders — not instead of, but beyond — and want to impart those values to your children,  this can be a good resource in your inclusive home school.

Keep Learning!
~ Demian


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