Awakening a long dormant blog…

So when I started this blog, my youngest was just entering her teen years. She’s now a breath away from leaving them behind. So much has happened during this time and though technically I’m done with home schooling (though I am still very much involved in my daughter’s education at her request) I am never done with the learning process. So with this new shift of gears, I will once again attempt to share my experiences and resources on diversity and different learning styles.

I am, also, working on a book manuscript and write for two other blogs, while holding a full-time job as a single mom, so my goal is to post on a fairly regular basis… say more than once every four years, and make this blog one of my writing priorities for 2016!

Keep learning!

Note: I have temporarily suspended subscriber registration due to an incredible amount of spam users. I will set up a new feature that will make it easy to comment if desired but harder to spam.

About Demian E Yumei

Demian is a singer/songwriter, author, activist and lifelong learner. She is the administrator and writer of Inclusive Homeschool and is currently working on a book about covert abuse.
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